About Our Main Office Building

In the 1960’s, Mountain Fuel Supply constructed the two buildings on this property. The building to the west was used as the customer service and billing office for Davis County. Precision instruments to measure critical line pressures and weather prediction equipment were housed there. Two of these recorders are still in place and care was taken to honor the original design.

The buildings were an important part of Davis County’s progress and growth and represent one of the only remaining and highest quality pieces of post war modern architecture in Davis County. PowerQuip Corporation purchased the property and began renovation in 2003. The idea of recycling an aging garage into a state of the art office facility required vision and creativity. The owners, Ken Hall and David Dallof, had a broad concept of what was to be accomplished but needed help to bring the building to its full potential on a limited budget.

Many of the materials are commonly found in large-scale power plants and reflect the owners’ involvement in the industry. Of significant interest is the fact that the employees of PowerQuip participated in the construction of this building. David Dallof and his daughter Melissa, a Westminster student, accomplished the majority of the construction on the building.

PowerQuip also has a satellite office in Castle Rock, CO and Phoenix, AZ.

Kin Ng, a partner of MJSA Associates and well-known adaptive restoration specialist, was enlisted to design the east building. The building was made vibrant and unique due to his artful approach to design. His intricate level of design includes elements such as color, furniture and custom light fixtures.